Too Dope For The Radio

by Guerilla Foco Clan

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Electronic music has always been a huge influence on my production. I've constantly been trying to find an equal balance between Electro, Dubstep, and Hip Hop in a successful manner. After spending many hours programming several different synths and drum patterns i created this Thugxurious monster known as "Too Dope For The Radio". Check this shit out, and turn your bass way up.


Damon Nash:

im a triller killer,
rhymin it raw without a filler
iller by the moment
cause i was born a fuckin winner
so if you wanna step to me, get at me
competitively you can bet you'll be
my mother fuckin bitch by the end of the week
im in a space out of sound,
with a rhythm thats too profound
to explicit wit it cause i get fuckin down
so fuck the opposition and their mother fuckin mission
to keep on shitty spittin before i make em turn up missin
i put that tingle on your spine,
just like a wrinkle in your time
cause im like an acid tab
about to blow your fuckin mind
im the freshest, most bestest, get this,
cause we gonna fuckin wreck this
too dope for your radio
so just fuckin eject this


heyyo its tragic
our tracks are magic
blast it
That radio rap is so plastic
its drastic
We crash it mash it bash it and put it back in its casket
We roll it up light it up then pass it
Its so fantastic when we rap it
You grab it and catch it and you have to have it you attracted to it like a magnet
And we rollin OUR beats are swollen
Mess wit us and get your lady stolen
We never foldin
When it comes to drugs guns and funds you know that we always holdin
We broadcastin raw action to people who wanna hear us rappin
We party crashing and hoe smashing so that we straight up slashin
We the dopest so don’t provoke this
Man yo slow flow so hopeless
I spit fast, kick ass, get cash spit a little quick blast and im always focused

Damon Nash:

Yo, i got you like an addict has it,
an addiction for my bitchin diction, listen
its just part of the mission
to depict how we shuttin down tradition
and thats just the first stage,
the first page,
at the end of the worst age
cause we gearin up for battle
and we ready to engage
We be dope-a-rific, swaggarlific,
stylistic and flossiphonic,
play this shit cause we brought it
like an infection, yeah, we got it
too damn sick for the same thang,
picked up my phone cause fame rang,
and over the speaker it told me
kill this fuckin lame game
so i put my mind to the grind refined
my skills to kill mankind with a rhyme
and couple dope beats,
its my cycle, rinse and repeat
so if you think you can contend,
you aint no friend, and ima bring it to the end
cause the rest of you is fuckin fake too
and only a bitch has time to pretend


People call me crazy and they call me lazy
But maybe
it’s just because they hate me
and I’m searching for something to save me
I’m spitting rhymes and I’m doing it daily
You’ll never make me
And youll never break me
Cause I been on a lyrical high lately
You can face me but never faze me
Im taking the ball and running past the safety
Cause in the game im Ladainian Tomlinson
People say hey man there aint no stopping him
And its not bad thing if you lost to him
Cause in the ring nobody is dropping him
And im coming into the game a critical time
Cause I got good flow and original rhymes
And im never commiting hypocritical crimes
Raps made by individual mind
GFC is too dope to be playin on any fuckin radio station
Don’t question the shit that im saying cause im a master of communication
We invade the senses and leave you senseless
Ill give you a reason to resent this
With relentless
Hits to your jaw, knock out your teeth and send you to the dentist


released November 24, 2009



all rights reserved


Guerilla Foco Clan Houston

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