Around in Two Weeks ft. Fat Tony

by Guerilla Foco Clan

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The Beach Boys have always held a special place in my musical heart. Innovators of their time, they certainly knew how to rock a fuckin' show back in the day. These days however, their music seems to have been forgotten by today's youth. Thus, i figured I'd pay them some respect and sample them as the chorus of this particular track, giving them a reason to be cool again in our present day world of Greed, Lust, and Violence.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, three lyrical titans explain their individual takes on "Getting Around", from traveling the world to fucking hoes, Around in Two Weeks could be recognized as the symbol for both.



I get around on my bicycle for exercise
and ride around in my car because of its better size
I get around with all the ladies and all the tricky hoes
I be spittin game and walkin around in nifty clothes
Catchin a flight to Los Angeles, Im on the last flight
Across the country, I was in Miami last night
I spent the night up in Chicago, up in the Windy City
My flight to Atlanta left at about 11:50
I had to catch a cab and had to dash for the plane
Im spittin game and livin life in the fast lane
From Boston to Arizona, Im on the Ark like Joan Of
Im always smellin like the sweetest and freshest aroma
We gettin ready and suitin up for the current battle
We representin from Houston, Texas up to Seattle
Catchin the next flight, always commin in and out of town
I be travelin and I'm the type of guy that gets around

Damon Nash:

I've been Around in Two Weeks,
Baby, you know we too sleek
Ridin with the windows tinted,
Puffin on a Swisher Sweet
I'm spittin game while grippin grain,
tailored because im fittin fame,
gotta get that Juicy booty
cause im cravin for that flavored thang
I travel the world in seach of Top Notch Hoes,
To get a lotta dough, smoke a lotta dro,
and to po' it up some mo'
Down in the H-Town,
we rock it when we get down,
pumpin up the underground
Mother fuckin tip top bound
We fuckin with the stars,
we spittin nasty bars,
rip it wicked for them bitches,
and aint nothin ever too far

Fat Tony:

I'm on the East Coast,
eating Cheese Toast,
letting my meat roast
in your freaks throat
Wakin up mostly round four
thirty and ready to go
See what there is to explore,
maybe my money will grow
maybe ill run into the bar
uncarded and steal the show,
make each and every starvin artist
hardly wantin to flow
Don't get me started,
cause i am arguably out of control
Especially on the road
Solo or with all my folk
I get around like Afeni Shakur's son
and you can just hit me up
whenever my tour's done
Forever i do run
this city of Houston
Im Twenty-One goin dumb,
Havin tons of fun


released November 3, 2009



all rights reserved


Guerilla Foco Clan Houston

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